Black Plum is the work of designer Trent Williams.

When I started looking more into design thinking and read Don Norman's The Design of Everyday Things I felt a great resonance with the attitude and approach as it is something I have been thinking about for a long time. Norman helped broaden my thinking to include all of the mundane but hugely important encounters we have everyday with door knobs and faucets and light switches and of course apps and websites. At the same time, I imediately appreciated the great focus and specificity of engaging with design problems through measurable research methods and documented iterations.

My years as a graphic designer have taught me a great deal about communication. This means listening and understanding first to get a thorough sense of the goals and the obstacles. Working with all stakeholders to gain trust and enthusiasm for the approach we agree to take. And then keeping up the dialogue to continue to learn, to measure, and to build to make it better and more useful and effective for more people.

Building upon my practice as a designer, I recently completed a course in User Experience design at General Assembly. This has formalized my approach and guided me in developing a structured process that begins with user research, competitive research, and stakeholder interviews. It culminates in tangible output in the form of user flows, information architecture, and wire frames. And a continued commitment to learn and build better.

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